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Write a short paragraphs on the following worm Types. (Page 111)
  1. Describe and tell about the flatworms
  2. Describe and tell about the ribbon worms
  3. Describe and tell about the nematodes
  4. Describe and tell about the segmented worms.

Chapter 6 Invertebrates: (P. 104)
Write three paragraphs using the following as a guide.
1. Name the simplest animal group.
  • Describe the characteristics of this group.

2. Cnidarians: (Jelly fish type things)
  • What makes this group more complex than the first group.
  • What are the characteristics of this group.

3. Briefly describe the three type of cnidarians and give an example of each.
  • Examples: jellyfishes, hydras, sea anemones, and corals
  • 11/311/3
  • Seaweed Questions:
  • 1. Name two single cell algae.
  • 2. Name three phylum(types) of multicellular algae.
  • 3. List four structures found in larger multicellular algae.
  • 4. What substances are used to classify the different seaweeds?
  • 5. What makes seaweeds different than plants?
  • 6. What type of algae is dead man's fingers and sea lettuce.
  • 7. Which type of algae gets the largest and most complex?
  • 8. What is the Sargasso Sea?
  • 9. What multicellular algae helps build coral reefs?
  • 10. What are, and what two places would you find, the following:
  • algin, carrageenan, and agar?
  • Two Paragraphs: (feel free to google information on these topics or checkout the information on this chapter.)
  • The listed points should
  • Seagrasses:
  • adaptations to their environment
  • stabilization of sediments
  • home for small fish
  • importance
  • species feeding on seagrasses, includes
  • manatees, fish, geese, swans, sea urchins and crabs

  • adaptations
  • salt tolerant plants
  • 80 unrelated species
  • importance

11/1 and 11/2
Unicellular Algae and Protozoan Sketches (Lab and review of the lab.)
external image Radiolarians2.gifexternal image Dinoflagellate2.gif

external image Diatoms2.jpg external image Paramecium2.gif

external image Stentor2.jpg external image Foram1.gifexternal image Foram2.gifForams

10/30 and 10/31
Paragraphs on Multicellular Algae
Write paragraphs on the following four items and put them on the wiki.
  1. Describe seaweed.
  2. Describe three things about green algae.
  3. Describe three things about brown algae.
  4. Describe three things about red algae.